Color Chooser

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Customize the theme live with the Color Chooser.
Save your custom presets by logging in as a Super Admin.

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Updated RokTabs

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RokTabs now supports inline icons for each Tab.
Dynamic controls in its settings allow for easy icon assignment.

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Built with the Gantry Framework v2

Mar10 Demo Image  Mar10 Demo Image  Mar10 Demo Image
Mar10 Demo Image  Mar10 Demo Image  Mar10 Demo Image

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Latest Upload

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Advanced Menu Options

Mar10 Demo Image Fusion Menu, Mootools powered CSS menu.
SEO friendly JS enhanced CSS dropdown system.
Mar10 Demo Image Splitmenu, a Versatile and Functional menu.
A traditional, separated 1st and 2nd tier menu system.

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About Us

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Delivering versatile Joomla themes since Jan 2005.

Crystalline is a creation built on the foundations of over 5 years worth of Joomla templating experience.

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Cross Browser Compatible

This theme is compatible with the major and modern browsers, plus limited support for IE6.

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Site Information

Example Site Only.

All demo content is for demonstration purposes only, intended to show a representative example of a live site.

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Theme Guides

Crystalline Tutorials.

Documentation covering many aspects on how to use the March 2010 template from installation to logo editing instructions.

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Demo Launcher

Installable Demo Copy

Download our RocketLauncher package to install an exact copy / replica of the Crystalline demo on your own server or domain.

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The template is fully compliant with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 standards, as set by the World Wide Web Consortium.

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